Happy Hallowine!

Happy Hallowine! Oops, make that Happy Halloween! Hmm, maybe the first one was better! We’re approaching Trick or Treat time here in the Hocking Hills and it seems like the kids always end up with so much candy! So here are some fun candy and Hocking Hills Winery wine pairing suggestions for after the kids are in bed and that bag of candy is up for grabs! WHITES Pinot Grigio ~ Skittles Trillium ~ Swedish Fish Sauvignon Blanc ~ Starburst Lily of the Valley ~ Jolly Ranchers Riesling ~ Sweet Tarts Traminette ~ Nerds REDS Pinot Noir ~ KitKat Cabernet Sauvignon ~ Hershey Bar or Kisses Malbec ~ Snickers Petite Sirah ~ Reese’s Peanut Butte

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